About Ervin Danesh Azma Co.

Ervin Danesh Azma Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd is a provider of laboratory equipment and medical diagnostic products on 17/08/2014 with the aim of establishing a logical link between companies active in this field. With the problems of business and also the maintenance of the interests of all these companies were formed. Irvine Daneshgah company was established in the field of medical and laboratory equipment in order to introduce and import devices with new technologies and in accordance with the needs of medical centers, laboratories and educational institutions of the country. The Indicator of the Engineering Company of Ervin Daneshgazma, is an innovation in the provision of scientific services and assistance in a continuous manner in all laboratories and medical centers of the country. The company succeeds in obtaining the representation and import of laboratory equipment in the field of hematology, biochemistry and hormones from reputable brands of the world. Also, the production of some of the consumables needed for the above items within the country is one of the company's activities.